Ranching with a History; Horses with a Heritage

The Swickard Family has been producing quality performance horses and beef cattle in California since 1852. First under the “JS” brand, and in the last century under the famous “Five Dot” brand and currently under the “Gamadian Cross” brand. Northern Cross Land & Cattle Company brings its owner’s family heritage of over 150 years of practical ranch and performance horse breeding expertise to its current Blue Roan and Black Quarter Horse breeding program. Our breeding stock mares have all been fully genetically tested and includes homozygous blacks and homozygous roans so, combined with the genetics of the top performance level stallions we breed them to, we can predict with great accuracy the color and genetic makeup of each foal we produce. Our foals have excelled in the top ranks of the Cutting, Reined Cowhorse and Reining industries and yet still possess the size, disposition, color and athletic ability to excel in the rodeo arena and on the ranch as well.